Advancing Self Reliance

Naturally rooted in us is the simple action that transforms. Doing our best to keep ourselves and loved ones alive and healthy is how we can develop resilience, have more peace of mind, and grow in consciousness. A key objective is certainty of goal, clear direction, and choice. To not regularly run to chemical medicine but, turn within to understand what is needed then, have the skills, resources and confidence to prevent and self-heal any condition at home. So, we optimized our integrative medicine clinic into an online learning, prevention and self-heal at home experience. Working as concierge partners we provide integrative clinical resources, training, and one on one support to help you prevent and self-heal any condition at home. 

Health is an ever-changing dynamic state. Self-healing results from taking action and doing your best to increase your capacity to adapt, prevent, recover from unexpected phenomena. It restores our deepest human needs to develop resilience, have peace of mind and grow in consciousness. We do what we do because, self healing at home transforms, frees us from fear, and advances self-reliance, the sustainable solution. Learn what you need to know by joining the Academy.

Develop resilience

By listening to your brightest
teacher... yourself

Only you know what is best for you and how to stay true to yourself. Members learn to listen to their brightest teacher, themself and distinguish symptom from cause. They are guided along their transformational journey with Neuro Immune Feedback.

NIF is a dynamic interaction and visual feedback loop with the body’s functional framework and self regulating mechanisms. While testing the neuro immune response to pathogens, toxins, and allergens you will see how to best develop resilience. We empower your choices with professional support, physician grade integrative natural medicine, and resources.

Because elevated education and lifestyle optimization training is free and optional, members develop resilience at their on pace. When we self heal at home, we are more resilient, more self actualized and are happier. You can learn how to self heal by joining the Academy.
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Have peace of mind

By knowing you have done
your very best

If you are worried about your health or the wellbeing of your family, do you have peace of mind? Fear, worry and confusion cloak the truth of our being cause, suffering and epigenetic disease. We can see this differently.

Peace of mind is clearly an inner world matter beginning with your own thoughts and extending outward. It naturally comes from knowing that you have done your very best to care for yourself and others. Recognize any health concern and every grievance as a reminder to return to your heart, forgive yourself then, act by doing your best. Your physical heart will then generate a coherent electromagnetic field surrounding and determining cellular health and growth in consciousness.

Members use elevated educational support, practical daily practices, Neuro Immune Feedback and integrative medical therapies to do their best. You may do your best by joining the Academy...now.
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Grow in consciousness

By turning biological discoveries into self knowledge

Why do you have a body? Some believe they are preparing a home for the divine, others experience their body as a living garment of life, an electromagnetic field that grows their consciousness and advances their soul. Others develop life practices maximizing their health, human potential, and purpose.

You might even come to remember your place in the natural world, realize how thoughts affect your biology and construct your reality. When you can demonstrate to yourself self reliance from self healing, resilience from the well of your being, and peace of mind from certainty in doing your best to care for yourself and others then, are you growing in consciousness?

Have a new perspective by turning biological discoveries into self knowledge. Understand your own reality and advance self reliance by joining the Academy.
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What others are saying

"Learned so much about how to take our health into our own hands"...

Founding members

May all be well. May all be happy. May all be at peace.

We aspire to remain true to our self, live from the center of our being, and demonstrate to our self what we believe to be true.

We believe the reason we have a body is to grow in consciousness and advance our soul; peace of mind and heart coherence determines cellular health and happiness in life.

We believe our body is inherently wise, symptoms are meaningful, and radical healing is eminently possible when we align with the earth and honor our place in the natural world.

We believe things that take us away from ourselves are feedback loops returning us to our heart. Resilience, consciousness and peace of mind is the same phenomena experienced through different neurological pathways.

So we founded Academy Health Wellbeing to advance self reliance, self-realization and prevention through self-healing at home.

Teresa & Charles Baltzell LAc, board certified, neuroscience acupuncture, Neuro Lab, Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine.
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