Advancing Self Reliance

Naturally rooted in us is the simple action that transforms. Doing our best to keep ourselves and loved ones alive and healthy is how we can develop resilience, have more peace of mind, and grow in consciousness. A key objective is certainty of goal, clear direction, and choice. To not regularly run to chemical medicine but, turn within to understand what is needed then, have the skills, resources and confidence to prevent and self-heal any condition at home. So, we optimized our integrative medicine clinic into an online learning, prevention and self-heal at home experience. Working as concierge partners we provide integrative clinical resources, training, and one on one support to help you prevent and self-heal any condition at home. 

Health is an ever-changing dynamic state. Self-healing results from taking action and doing your best to increase your capacity to adapt, prevent, recover from unexpected phenomena. It restores our deepest human needs to develop resilience, have peace of mind and grow in consciousness. We do what we do because, self healing at home transforms, frees us from fear, and advances self-reliance, the sustainable solution. Learn what you need to know by joining the Academy.

Develop resilience

By listening to your brightest
teacher... yourself

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Have peace of mind

By knowing you have done
your very best

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Grow in consciousness

By turning biological discoveries into self knowledge

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"Learned so much about how to take our health into our own hands"...

Founding members

May all be well. May all be happy. May all be at peace.

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