Q: I am worried about finding time for one more thing.

There are no time requirements other than a four-hour NIF session three times a year. Webinars are optional they are value added and a benefit to our member. They are recorded and posted for later viewing.

Q: Will I be a concierge patient or member of a learning

Yes, both and more. With our years of clinical experience we will guide you. You will be a patient of an
integrative concierge practice, and a fellow member of a learning collaborative .

Q: What is Neuro Immune Feedback(NIF)

NIF is cutting edge technology that measures your individual immune inflammatory response to viral, bacterial, fungal, mold, pesticides, heavy metals, environmental toxins and organ stress.

Q: I used to come to the clinic, how can I get effective
treatments at home?

Together we develop a home care plan that best meets your needs and budget. NIF identifies the current challenge and solution. Combined with educational support you your home becomes the ultimate clinic.

Q: What if I need additional support trying to integrate
these therapies at home?

We want you to be successful. In addition to monthly webinars, post testing follow-up, live Q & A, we are
available for coaching and private consultation.

Q: I am not certain about NIF.

You can call to discuss or schedule a Just Try one time test. Then you will know.

Q: What do you mean health, consciousness, peace, is
this a spiritual thing?

Even though this is not a religious or spiritual philosophy, some might consider reducing medication, being pain free, having more happiness, a greater of understanding of self and body  to be a spiritual experience.

Q: If I join as an individual, then decide to include my
family is that possible.

The family is the most popular and economical membership plan. You can convert from individual plan
to family plan at anytime.

Q: Do you have a membership limit.

Limiting membership to 55 allows us make our budget, be available, research the cutting edge and
develop elevated educational resources.

Q: What happens after my yearly membership expires?

Your membership automatically renews annually unless you notify us otherwise.

Q: We will have access to both of you?

We frequently ask ourself how would it be possible for only one of us to effectively service our members. Yes, you
get four eyes. We review each patients progress and work collaboratively to ensure you get our best.

Q: What if I want NIF more often?

You have an option to get tested anytime you like, your individual membership provides you with three testing’s a year and the family plan provides five. You can schedule additionally, and your fee is based on your membership level.

Q: What if I decide to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime, for any reason. Your refund will be based upon how much
time you have left on your membership and how many remaining NIF not used.

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