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Dear Friends, I am a happy member of The Academy Health Wellbeing. I have been working with Teresa and Charles for several years. The scope of their knowledge in medical and health related issues is impressive and vast. If I have a question and they are not familiar with the issue, they research, find the answer and report back with supporting information.

I recently informed Teresa that I would be having surgery. She sprang into action and sent me a detailed plan about things to do before and after surgery. Having a high regard for traditional and supplemental medicine, I ran all of Teresa’s recommendations by my surgeon. Although he did not have the same aftercare, he approved of every proposal Teresa made. I truly felt empowered adding holistic remedies to my pre and post operative care.

– Susan Vermont

The next morning, I stood up with a little less pain. As I walked around, it started feeling better and better. For the last 3 years, I have had neuropathy. I have had my groceries delivered every week since I cannot walk through a grocery store anymore. Too much pain. I decided to try to go to a farmer’s market ALONE (I don’t go anywhere alone anymore because I have to be let off at entrances to limit walking). After about 20 minutes, I noticed I was picking oranges without thinking about my feet!!

I walked back to the car (no one picked me up!) and decided to go check out a tourist-y restaurant and gift shops for some guests coming into town next week. I walked the whole area! My feet were feeling pretty good! I only had a little pain. Finally, I went to 2 large stores and walked from front to back in each of them and then walked back to my car! This just doesn’t happen!!! I have not walked that much in 3 years!! Even when we go to Disney (we only live 5 miles from there), I’ve had to have a scooter or a wheelchair. This will open up my life so much more!!! I feel more like ME!. My husband is absolutely stunned. He has seen me crawl and cry and just stop leaving the house over the last 3 years. Thank you! Thank you!, Thank you Academy for introducing these to me. What a blessing they are!

– Dee Dee Florida

With NIR technology I can be tested and treat myself in the comfort of my own home. I love the convenience! I’ve been using these remedies for the past 33 years. It works and it’s very safe. I have no worries of medication side effects. Teresa spends an extraordinary amount of time working with me, answering any questions I might have, and keeping check on my healing journey. Recently I was watching a summit with five medical doctors and they were talking about the things I had learned in the Academy of this past year.
– Rebecca North Carolina

I recommend Academy Health Wellbeing services without reservation. My husband and I have been in their care for over three years. With their knowledge and skills, they have helped improve our health, including keeping my husband from having to go on dialysis. When we’ve had questions or a health situation arises, they are there to help in a timely manner. They are consummate researchers, and they care about their patients.
Their webinars are informative. The follow-up question and answer sessions provide clarity and a chance to ask additional questions about health issues. 

We’ve learned so much about how to take our
health into our own hands (with their help and expertise, of course!). I have increased self-confidence
and a sense of adventure in pursuing our health. Becoming a member of the Academy has been well
worth it. Thank you, Teresa and Charles!

– Barbara & Mark Georgia

We are Academy Health Wellbeing members and have found, over more than two decades, that their homeopathic treatments are an excellent complement to the traditional healing techniques. Now, at ages 81 and 82 in good health we feel that a lot of credit for that good health goes to the homeopathic care. Yesterday after our annual wellness visit, our primary care doctor said, “Keep doing what you are doing.”
– Charlie and Martha New York

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